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♥ They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? ♥

I photographed this at the Wellington Equestrian Club in Wellington, Florida. Model featured: Desiree. Equine Model: Cyrus with his owner. The ultimate is romance, drama, suspense, and valor.
The horse’s owner is an avid rider and often shows Cyrus for his prize-winning jumping talents and coveted lineage. At 11 years of age, Cyrus boasts 17 hands high which is 5’6″ to the highest point
of his shoulders.

I arranged the images in a way that tells a children’s fairy tale about a solitary man who tames a white horse and the two courageously travel a beautiful country together, yet alone. On their arduous journey they find a solemn princess who has bravely forsaken her family in search of her own.
In her explorations, she had been content to know only what she knew of herself and the world around her and often dreamt of forsaking her human form and becoming a butterfly, flowing and colorful. That is, until the moment she saw the valiant pair. A warm feeling spread in her heart and she and the white horse became soul mates after long last, never to part.

This fictional story was most inspired by the last picture. Both Desiree and Cyrus have their eyes closed. The look on her face and the feeling I feel from the horse’s expression is one almost difficult to describe with words. They look as though they are just so happy and relieved to have finally found each other in her world.






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