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October – Crystal Clear Pics Monthly FYI – T’s Boudoir

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Tiffany Hertzon – owner of Crystal Clear Pics; photographer and writer.
This month we are featuring T’s Boudoir. Pardon the juicy pun on my first name. =)

This question was submitted by Aubrie in Delray Beach, Florida:
“I saw some ideas for my boudoir shoot on Pinterest that look amazing, but I’m not really sure what to wear. What do you suggest?”

Well, I like to start at the beginning or what I call, The Want. What did you envision when you first thought you wanted your picture taken? Well, the seductive nature of the subject matter lends itself in a certain direction immediately. So it’s easy to start working from that idea on out.

Let’s take a very brief look at three images of women of the past: the classic women who broke boundaries, broke rules, and broke hearts. They were the personification of class. Though I’m sure there were more than just a handful of stuffed-shirt men hemming and hawing over these images in public, but secretly wanted a copy of one for their top desk drawer.
Vintage pinup with cigarette holder and beautiful stockings and garter belt via VioletIvory on DeviantArt.

Oh wow...imagine how risque this would have been back in the

Ha- vintage bridal boudoir
Here’s a vintage bridal image I just wish I had more information on.

Essentially, achieving this style has everything to do with a combination of the mood of the subject and photographer, and the fashion of the time. Sheer fabrics, jewelry, flowers, and a lotta lace in all the right places. I would like to think these images were for a spouse, courtship, or secret love for private viewing only. For the most part, my assumption is that only about 10% of the images actually taken by a professional photographer of women from the 1900s-1940s has made it online. And I bet they never dreamed their images would be viewed so many times. Alas, the modern age of the internet has robbed the purity of privacy. Think how special it must have been for a woman to only have one photograph to give to her one lucky man. A rise in women’s rights likely caused a rise in confidence, which probably lead to the extreme flaunting by many women today. But I’ll get down off my soapbox and continue.

Whatever your message and intentions: Sultry. Provocative. Demure. Sensual. Suggestive. Healthy. Fertility. Wealthy. Glamorous; they radiate from the image to the viewer like the scent of a rose. The original idea of giving the gift of beauty in the form of a token to a man was a very traditional motivation. A prized girlfriend or wife was beautiful and stayed dutifully at home raising beautiful children. A photograph reminds him of her beauty. Today however, the motivation has done a 180, now more internally driven, while leaving The Want intact. Simply: I want a beautiful picture of myself. I might give it away to my other. I might show my children what I looked like in my “hay-day”, I might simply want the experience of being photographed without inhibitions. All reasons are valid.

Pictured at the top of the email is Desiree, my model and my best friend. You can see that the image is a bust, meaning stopping just below the shoulders. You can only see the pearls and makeup she adorns. Nothing more (BTS- she’s completely clothed in some lingerie.) The simplicity of this image is what contributes to its success (and her beauty of course 😉 Which brings me back to what to wear.

Do we wake up in the morning looking like this? Hell no. But it is one of my favorite subjects of photography that I can offer. Age and external appearance are far from obstacles to overcome when deciding whether owning a beautiful photograph of yourself is worth having. The value can barely be assessed. All women deserve to be photographed, and why not beautifully? (Not hating on men here, to be clear.) Photographs are proof that you existed physically. That your presence makes a difference in the world.   :::::and suddenly I’m back to my computer screen::::

I was supposed to give advice on what to wear? Oh dear. Well, the big picture is that it simply does not matter. Anyone who tells you it does it selling clothes.  😉  The idea will always be the same: a woman in her private quarters, alone, feeling great about herself. Do with that what you will. 🙂

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Mementomori has one of the most beautiful collections of priceless vintage photography I have seen in a while on deviantart.

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