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♥ Damn Nature, You’re Awesome ♥

Here’s a quick picture I took of a Great Blue Heron flying in my back yard I was shooting still things like flowers before I realized he was flying though, so I wasn’t able to speed up my shutter as fast as I would have liked. Not bad, but I could have stopped it cleaner. Such a gorgeous bird. I love that I captured him for a moment.


I was really stalking this Great Blue Heron here. He’s flying away from me and kicked up some water in the process. So cool. 

Baby Muscovy just a couple hours old. The mother had chosen the bush next to my garage to lay her 14 eggs and my dog actually alerted me to her. I watched the eggs for 3 weeks until finally all but 2 hatched. She was extremely territorial, but lucky for me I equipped my zoom lens to capture this baby. It was the only clear picture of a baby’s face I got as usually she was protecting them underneath her. Eventually, she led them out of the nest after three days and I never saw them again. I read online that a rotted egg left alone will eventually fill up with gas, burst, and deter any friends from wanting to visit your house because of the stench. I took the two eggs to the lake, checked for any signs of life like chicks peeping or movement in the shell, but after I established they were duds, I busted them open with a little hammer. Not an instant after, spews of  this horror-film ooze with the stench the online article failed to describe so eloquently. They left out words like vile, putrid, vomit-worthy, and oh yeah, it doesn’t wash off easy either. I had to walk home with this fluid all over my skin and clothes. In the future, I’ll just pray that another duck doesn’t lay eggs near my house. Crisis avoided.


Crab Spider aka Spikey Smiley Spider

This is called a Crab Spider and is the ONLY spider I tolerate. They’re extremely friendly loners with a matching smiley face pattern found on their backs, often no bigger than a finger nail, and brilliantly fast web artists. I waited 30 minutes to take this picture while the wind blew the web in and out of focus, I witnessed the spider’s antics.Once food is caught in their web, they crawl out to it. To get back to the center, they bungee jump off the web with their silk thread as the cord and climb back up it to the middle of the web where it was secured. Damn nature, you’re awesome as shit.



This flower is called The Pride of Barbados, or the Pink Dwarf Poinciana



This image of a pelican can be seen on my clear plastic business cards. It was taken at an inlet in Jupiter.

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