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Do I get the RAW files? Do I get to keep every photo you took?

This is probably one of my most asked questions and my favorite one to answer. I have even posted a blog about it here to go more in depth on this question.

First and foremost, Crystal Clear Pics (and I’m sure any other professional photographer that values their clients’ happiness) will always make 100% sure that when you come to us with needs, not only do we meet them, but surpass them to the best of our abilities.

Our business model is not to hold images ransom or trick you into buying more than you wanted. Every bit of information pertaining to your shoot will and should be explained to you prior to the shoot so there are no misconceptions.

I am Tiffany, owner of Crystal Clear Pics. While I am photographing you, your baby, your family, or your subject, I am involved in a process called “working the shot.” This involves taking numerous test photos at different settings, different apertures, different focal lengths, and exposures. If there are people in the shot, I aim to make sure that I at least have one image with everyone’s eyes open alertly. If I am photographing a model, we all know that not every angle works. I’m doing my best to photograph the scene I have set to make sure I do not miss any opportunity. If I take 5-10 different shots of one scene, idea, or angle, I will use all of my knowledge and better judgement that comes with years of experience to choose the best one from that scene or idea. These working images are pieces to a puzzle. You are getting the final images that took lots of production, not the working images it took to make them.

The images straight out of card (SOOC) are RAW files. They are immediately converted to usable TIFFs or DNGs once they are uploaded, therefor you will not receive the RAW files. The largest, printable version of the FINAL images are available for purchase or are included in your package.


IMPORTANT: The exact or average number of images you should expect to receive will clearly be explained to you before you make any payments. This way there is no confusion. When you hire me for a session, you are not paying per picture. Though you receive pictures, what you are ultimately paying for is my experience, time, talent, education, skills, images taken with the highest quality professional equipment, professional editing software and techniques, one on one consultations and communication with me via the phone/email/text.

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