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How do I prepare my baby for their session?

Bring or fax a doctor’s note stating your baby is in good health and may enter the studio.

We recommend you bring your baby dressed only in a diaper and soft blanket. Chenille or something similar is the best material as it does not leave marks on delicate skin. If you like, you may dress your baby in an outfit you would most like them photographed in as we can shoot that first.

Feed your baby prior to their session as this will help them fall into a deeper sleep than if they were hungry.

We recommend you dress yourself in cool clothing. For short periods of time, your baby may be fully or partially nude during their session. We make sure to raise the temperature in the studio and keep a space heater near by. The lights also add warmth.

Let us know of any allergies your baby may have prior to the shoot specifically to a certain fabric. We aim to use materials that are known to cause the least or no sensitivity. We cannot be held accountable if your baby has a reaction to any material we use. We only use baby-friendly fabrics and props.

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