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What do I need to bring to the shoot?


First and foremost, a doctor’s note stating your baby is in good health before we may grant access into the studio. All of our props and blankets are either sterilized diligently after each use or completely brand new. Safety is our number one priority.

The magical pacifier! The paci is our most coveted possession at the shoot as they soothe baby into a restful sleep while we get them into position. Bring a few.

Try to feed your baby before your scheduled to be in the studio. Bring breast milk or formula as backup. Shoots runs between 2-4 hours and your baby will certainly be hungry as we work.

Diapers, wipes and anything you’d normally keep in a diaper bag, though we do keep non-scented hypo-allergenic wipes at the studio.



We encourage you to bring small items such as mementos, toys, blankets or special clothing that you would like commemorated. We just ask that they are sterile or new. We won’t be held responsible for any items you may leave behind in the studio. As we clean up, we will do our best to find your items and keep them safe until you return to pick them up.

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