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Before You Book

Shoots will be booked no sooner than 3 days if you would like to pay with Visa, PayPal, or personal check as these may take 3 business days or longer to process.

For urgent sessions to be booked in under 3 days, only cash payment prior to the shoot is accepted.

Your session date will not be held without deposit of at least 50% paid at the time of booking with no exceptions. If you are paid in full and cancel your session, you will receive 50% of your total session fee. If you would like to reschedule, you may use that deposit of half or full payment towards your rescheduled session.

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Tiffany excels in natural lighting, which means no flash photography (unless in studio). She began natural light education in 1997 and shooting in this style professionally back in 2004. She has lived in South Florida her entire life making connections over the years which has gained her access to numerous venues. This means that the sky is the limit!

We can meet:

  • Outdoors within Boca Raton, beaches (including Delray, Highland, Deerfield), parks (Morikami, Butterfly World, Tradewinds), attractions, public places.
  • In your home for a more intimate experience
  • In your office or place of business
  • In studio (two weeks notice is needed for booking)
  • or I can come with you on your family vacation to (Disney/Epcot/Islands of Adventure, Timeshare, etc…)


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Tiffany is available to shoot all year round including weekends and holidays. She needs a minimum of 3 days notice for any shoot. When booking a newborn session, it is best to book while you are still pregnant. We will work together to plan around your due date and Tiffany will be on call for you within 4-11 days of the baby’s birth.

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This is probably one of my most asked questions and my favorite one to answer. I have even posted a blog about it here to go more in depth on this question.

First and foremost, Crystal Clear Pics (and I’m sure any other professional photographer that values their clients’ happiness) will always make 100% sure that when you come to us with needs, not only do we meet them, but surpass them to the best of our abilities.

Our business model is not to hold images ransom or trick you into buying more than you wanted. Every bit of information pertaining to your shoot will and should be explained to you prior to the shoot so there are no misconceptions.

I am Tiffany, owner of Crystal Clear Pics. While I am photographing you, your baby, your family, or your subject, I am involved in a process called “working the shot.” This involves taking numerous test photos at different settings, different apertures, different focal lengths, and exposures. If there are people in the shot, I aim to make sure that I at least have one image with everyone’s eyes open alertly. If I am photographing a model, we all know that not every angle works. I’m doing my best to photograph the scene I have set to make sure I do not miss any opportunity. If I take 5-10 different shots of one scene, idea, or angle, I will use all of my knowledge and better judgement that comes with years of experience to choose the best one from that scene or idea. These working images are pieces to a puzzle. You are getting the final images that took lots of production, not the working images it took to make them.

The images straight out of card (SOOC) are RAW files. They are immediately converted to usable TIFFs or DNGs once they are uploaded, therefor you will not receive the RAW files. The largest, printable version of the FINAL images are available for purchase or are included in your package.


IMPORTANT: The exact or average number of images you should expect to receive will clearly be explained to you before you make any payments. This way there is no confusion. When you hire me for a session, you are not paying per picture. Though you receive pictures, what you are ultimately paying for is my experience, time, talent, education, skills, images taken with the highest quality professional equipment, professional editing software and techniques, one on one consultations and communication with me via the phone/email/text.

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If you would like to speak to Tiffany about booking your session or any other questions related to photography you may call her directly at 954-300-2321 or shoot an email to


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First and foremost, a doctor’s note stating your baby is in good health before we may grant access into the studio. All of our props and blankets are either sterilized diligently after each use or completely brand new. Safety is our number one priority.

The magical pacifier! The paci is our most coveted possession at the shoot as they soothe baby into a restful sleep while we get them into position. Bring a few.

Try to feed your baby before your scheduled to be in the studio. Bring breast milk or formula as backup. Shoots runs between 2-4 hours and your baby will certainly be hungry as we work.

Diapers, wipes and anything you’d normally keep in a diaper bag, though we do keep non-scented hypo-allergenic wipes at the studio.



We encourage you to bring small items such as mementos, toys, blankets or special clothing that you would like commemorated. We just ask that they are sterile or new. We won’t be held responsible for any items you may leave behind in the studio. As we clean up, we will do our best to find your items and keep them safe until you return to pick them up.

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Bring or fax a doctor’s note stating your baby is in good health and may enter the studio.

We recommend you bring your baby dressed only in a diaper and soft blanket. Chenille or something similar is the best material as it does not leave marks on delicate skin. If you like, you may dress your baby in an outfit you would most like them photographed in as we can shoot that first.

Feed your baby prior to their session as this will help them fall into a deeper sleep than if they were hungry.

We recommend you dress yourself in cool clothing. For short periods of time, your baby may be fully or partially nude during their session. We make sure to raise the temperature in the studio and keep a space heater near by. The lights also add warmth.

Let us know of any allergies your baby may have prior to the shoot specifically to a certain fabric. We aim to use materials that are known to cause the least or no sensitivity. We cannot be held accountable if your baby has a reaction to any material we use. We only use baby-friendly fabrics and props.

Newborn Client Guide4
Newborn Client Guide5

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All packages require a 50% deposit to hold your booking date. The deposit is transferable, but non-refundable. Sessions must be paid in full prior to receiving your images. Images will not be delivered or edited otherwise. No specific number of photos are ever guaranteed; only estimates as there are many factors that affect the outcome of the number of final images delivered. (Please see the FAQ for more information about the different variables.)

Custom Wall Art a la carte:
Framed on Canvas 11×16 – $200
Frameless on Canvas 11×16 – $125

Boudoir Session – $250 includes 10-20 high-res printable images watermark-free. Resized duplicates for social media sharing lightly watermarked.
Optional: 8×10 framed print for “Groom’s Nightstand” –  $50

Newborn Session – In Studio – $300.        In Home $450
Includes experience with photographer, props, and 10-20 fully edited and printable files that you may take to your favorite printer plus duplicate watermarked files for social media sharing. We offer wall art with a prolab. Click here for more information about your newborn session.

Wedding – Starting at $3000 includes Tiffany’s signature photo-journalistic style images of your ceremony, reception, and cake cutting. Contact Tiffany at 954-300-2321 for a consultation.
Optional: Step and Repeat – $1250 (green screen photobooth style setup with prints available for your guests by the end of the event.)
Optional: Acrylic Cover Album – $1000 Includes your selection of your best images, professionally retouched, and album editing.
Optional: Wall Art; a la Carte

Engagement/Maternity/Family Portrait Session – $250 on location or in home. Includes 10-20 printable images plus resized duplicates watermarked files social media sharing.

Real Estate Photography – Starting at $300 per listing up to 4b/3b. Includes professional retouching of multiple angles of each room and space on the property including pool and curb appeal. Includes as many final edited images as possible sized for web at 72dpi (not suitable for print). Price does not include release for print in advertisement or promotion. Contact Tiffany for questions regarding full release.

Corporate Headshots/LinkedIn – $75 per person (often paid for by employee) – Includes 1-2 final looks professionally edited and resized for web. Watermark free. Includes backdrop setup in office. Can be shot faster than a lunch break.
Optional: Group/Company Photo – $50. Can be shot interior or exterior.

Adult Models/Young Models and Actors – $250 includes 3-4 wardrobe changes, may include hair/makeup by TFP/TFCD artist, 1 printable image plus 10-20 fully edited, lightly watermarked resized images for social media sharing including Facebook, ModelMayhem, Instagram, Twitter, and one free, custom comp card design.
Makeup Arist – Call for referrals
Hair Stylist – Call for referrals
Wardrobe – Call for referrals




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