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Adorable Kids

There is something powerful about photographing a child that I have always been drawn to. No matter where I am with my camera, a child will always capture my attention.  The youthful features, innocence, care-free mannerisms, openness, honest feelings, natural smiles, et cetera, are absorbed into the image and emitted out to its viewer. Somehow almost all of these amazing attributes change or disappear drastically as we age.

I think most people would agree on the appeal of a child photographed beautifully. Maybe it reminds us of our childhood. Our playfulness. Sans troubles. A perfect blank slate. Admittedly, I have yet to photograph underprivileged to speak of. In America, in South Florida, in my town and surrounding areas I’ve traveled, those children I have permission to photograph on a regular basis typically have parents who can afford a photographer. Their futures will be brighter by default. Their clothes will be cleaner. Their faces untattered and pain free. Status, however, has no effect, in my honest opinion, on the power yielded by their photograph.




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