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I’m adding one of my favorite past times to my blog. Sudoku. My vids have hundreds of thousands of views and I’ve even made some awesome friends from them!

I played my first puzzle back in 2005 when my roommate Aviva showed me her book of puzzles. I had no clue what it was and wasn’t sure I’d ever like it. Typically I preferred the Crosswords in the paper to anything that had to do with numbers. She was like “No it’s easy, it’s just process of elimination, it has no math.” (At least not the typical kind you think of.)  And I was such a noob, that I simply filled any random number in a box.

I’ve come a long way since then. I have bought more than 10 books filled with hundreds of puzzles, downloaded Sudoku apps, do one almost every morning in the Sun-Sentinel, and completed something in the high thousands. I’ve also even completed large 20×20 grids.

What’s funny is that I started developing my own techniques and shortcuts. No one really taught me and there weren’t any helpful YouTube videos at the time. I decided to change that. One day I thought to myself, “Wow, this was really cool how I got to filling in this number. I’m sure other people would love to know the faster way to do that, too!” And so I made my first video. I recorded over an hour of footage that I had to edit down to 30 minutes! (Lot of ums and so’s haha). Back then, my YouTube account wouldn’t let me upload videos longer than 10 minutes. Now, of course videos on YT can be hours long. So my first puzzle solve had to be chopped up into 3 parts. Here they are. Parts 1, 2, and 3.


I did it back in 2009 and it currently has over a total of 224,150 views! I have 358 subscribers. People still write to me daily.

I actually had RedFoo from LMFAO email me his phone number because he said he did puzzles on the road and often needed help.
I never called him. I’d barely heard of them then and wasn’t sure if it was really him, so I never called. Still astonishes me that
this many people came to my video looking for help, new techniques, and inspiration. So humbling.
It only started because after enjoying doing puzzles for so long, I would encounter situations that
I felt other people would totally benefit from. I have since been approached by many other fellow
players asking for my help, sending me puzzles they’re stuck on, and even recently, challenged.
Which I gratefully welcomed.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This video here I did in 2010 and has over 50K views. It was the first video YouTube allowed me to upload
longer than 5 minutes.


One day in 2013, I got a comment from a user named Shuey187. It was something along the lines of  “Yeah your methods are great for easy puzzles, but what about solving a hard one?” I was like OOOOOOHHHHHHH no he did not just say that. Ha. But actually I always knew there were extreme puzzles I’d never been able to solve without the 50/50 method (which is basically a 50/50 guess of one of two numbers. If one number messes up your puzzle, then you go back and use the other number.) Shuey only lives 4 hours north of me and told me he had been visiting my town for vacation every year and we should meet up! Well in July 2014 that’s what we did. Now we give each other shout outs in our vids. I had always hoped one day I’d meet someone better at Sudoku with the same passion for it so I could challenge myself more. I’ve even started posting a couple of the extreme solving methods like this one:

Shuey - November 24, 2014 - 7:43 pm

Thanks for the shout out Tiffany! And for the record, you know the 50/50 method is ONLY what people use when they have no idea that there’s actually a logical solution to every valid puzzle ;).

Hope to see you again soon 🙂

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