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Oh, Yelp. You are bittersweet.

The “algorithm” that put in place has been fashioned to keep out the fake reviews. And with that kind of a goal in mind, who could find fault with their rules? Well, their system actually blocks out (and used to delete) any reviews by newly signed up users. The funny thing is, since I joined Yelp two months ago, I’ve gotten them 8 people to sign up and become active who took the time out of their day to review my photography services. These people would never have gone to Yelp, but are now members because of me. Yelp doesn’t say thanks for this. They say “Your people just don’t count until they review a lot.”

A woman from Yelp actually called me one day to sing the praises of her company. Said I’d be delighted if I were to purchase advertising and other whatnots from them. I replied with “Why?” All but one of my reviews is even accounted for. I helped them with nothing in return. She explained to me that they don’t want a company’s clients to become Yelp reviewers. They want “Yelp users to review my company.” :::dramatic pause:: …Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? This model is inherent in the algorithm and basically is why new Yelpers with only one review won’t have their reviews count until they’ve reviewed many. How many I asked? Well that’s just not something anyone knows. “But HEY! The more you use it…the better it gets, Tiffany!!!”   (thanks, Yelp. ::rolls eyes:: ) Yelp has also convinced their employees that negative reviews are better than all 5 stars because it means the reviews are real. When I use eBay to buy something, I first look at the account’s negative feedback. If there is even one I don’t like, I move on because there are better options out there. I make absolutely sure every single person who comes to me for photography is more than 100% happy. I have that luxury because I deal one on one with each person’s individual needs and requests. For a small company, it really shouldn’t be that hard to get 100% positive feedback. At least it’s not for me.

So the moral is, if you would like to review my business on Yelp, that would be AMAZING. If you are not accounted for, I will put your review right here for all to see because I appreciate you taking time out of your day, and as I will of mine to reciprocate.

You are real people. Real clients. Real friends. And I thank you sincerely.


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