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YouTube Videos of my DrawSomething2 App Drawings

Here’s me drawing on my iPad2 app called DrawSomething2. I started out on DrawSomething
which was the much more archaic version of the update it is today. There are many more
new brushes, colors, and even have a public section where all new drawings go to be
seen on the app by other users. I am also one of the original contributing artists to
the Facebook page DrawSomethingFanatics. I consider them family as I have made close
connections with over 100 unique artists like myself. The artists at DrawSomethingFanatics
started over a year ago in order to publicly display artworks from the original DrawSomething
when back then, they weren’t publicly shared at all. We would take screen shots of our work and
share them on the Facebook page. We always support one another, teach one another, and learn
techniques. The gallery of the finished drawings can be seen here. 🙂

In order to do these videos, I would either hold my cell phone and record video while I drew, or
I would watch my friend’s playback of them guessing and record the playback. I always use my
fingers with my generic stylus and about half the time I use a reference from Google Images.

I edited all the videos myself. I have submitted the Big Bang Theory drawing of Sheldon’s knock to
the BBT Facebook page where it was viewed, and the drawing of Jenna Marble’s (Maurey) two dogs
Kermit and Marble were viewed and commented by her.

I won Doodle of the Day for my drawing of the word “Hear”. It is Jean Reno from The Professional.
I also received Drawing of the Draw on DrawSomething’s Official Facebook page.










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